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Life in Halifax

sunny 18 °C

Since I am half on vacation, half living like Nathan will in Halifax, our days are awesome! I don't have a job here so I just get to enjoy the city like a local.

This means lots of sitting by the ocean...


...wandering through the gardens (this section was all edible!),


...relaxing on the pier with coffee from the GREATEST coffee shop (Just Us! particularly the Spring Garden Rd location),


...going to the farmers market and buying a fern and then walking it home,


...cooking delicious seafood and amazing veggies from Pete's at home,


...and enjoying a candle light dinner with amazing wine while watching netflix.


Life in Halifax is pretty sweet! Too bad we both have to go back to reality.

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Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Hello Sailor! Gay life on the ocean wave

sunny 22 °C

I love museums and Halifax has some great ones! On our last trip, we visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and Pier 21. I had heard about the new exhibit at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and was so excited to see it would be on while I was there!


Called Hello Sailor! Gay life on the ocean wave, it's a look at the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex sailors traveling across the seas.


Some of the exhibit is from the experiences of UK sailors and the other half tells the story of Canadians. I was impressed to see the range of topics covered from the best outfits of drag queens to the problems of homophobia and transphobia. A lot of the content was based on people's first hand experiences and you could listen to them tell their story on video or recording.


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is one of my favourite museums. You can learn about the Titanic and the Halifax Explosion among other things, so Hello Sailor! is a great addition. It runs until November 19th, so check it out if you can!


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The Trail Home

Back to Halifax, NS

rain 16 °C

With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our perfect little spot on the ocean. The weather was getting to be less than nice (it had been GORGEOUS all weekend) so we were fine with some driving time.


Our last stop on the Cabot Trail was Cheticamp where we were supposed to be doing a whale watching tour. With the weather being so bad, it was cancelled. I was a little worried about being seasick when the ocean was so choppy, so I was glad they gave me an out.


Cheticamp had a beautiful little church and was very Acadian.


The whole trip we had been listening to an audiobook called Farm City by Novella Carpenter and were just getting near the end. We drove through torrential downpours and listened to the inspirational story. At one point, the rain was so bad that I almost couldn't see and many people had pulled over to the side of the road.

We stopped for sushi in Truro. It was funny to go back there... the last time we had been was when we couldn't find a place to camp for the night on our last trip and ended up in Fundy National Park in New Brunswick!

We made it back to Halifax and to Nathan's apartment. It felt strangely like home (which I'm a little worried about since I have to leave so soon!)

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Cabot Trail, the Continuation

Day 3 on the Cabot Trail.

semi-overcast 24 °C

Today, we decided to head the other direction on the Cabot Trail. Our ultimate destination was the famous Skyline Trail, but we made some stops along the way.

Our first stop was Lone Shieling Trail. It was a quick walk to see a historic... well... Lone Shieling. I didn't know what that was, so this was very educational.

They warned us of the coyotes (someone was killed by coyotes on the Skyline Trail very recently and there have been other attacks as well).


The leaves were just starting to change and they all glimmered with gold.


A few had even turned bright red.


The next trail we stopped at was called "Bog" and it was a bog. However, they could have come up with something a little more creative because it was actually really neat. You are pretty much guaranteed to see moose here if you come at the right time of day. We also learned about the ecosystem, and more importantly, the insect eating plants!!

They were everywhere:


After that, we made it to the Skyline Trail. We decided to do the full loop (although most people only do the short section). It went through the wilderness and then skirted along the ocean.


The environment was pretty weird and the effects of the wind were evident. Apparently, the trees get ice blasted so they are stunted.


At the midpoint of the Skyline Trail, you can walk out onto the top of the mountain and see an amazing panorama (as long as the wind isn't too strong, as they have Les Suetes, winds that can reach 125 mph). We ventured out there and it was beautiful! We didn't stay too long though because my dress kept blowing over my head (and I had flashbacks to my childhood when my parents took me up a mountain and I almost blew away).


On the way home, we saw some people hitchhiking on the side of the road. After our recent adventures in hitchhiking, we decided to stop and talk to them. They had just finished a day hike on one of the trails where the end was far from the start and were looking for a ride back up hill to their car. We gave them a lift back up to their car. Unfortunately, when we got back to our campground, we realized that the girl had left her prescription glasses with clip on sunglasses in our car (If you somehow find this blog, we have your glasses in Halifax!).

We finished the day in typical fashion:

A lovely dinner of campfire rice and beans,


and lounging on the cliffs overlooking the ocean as the sun sets.


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On the Cabot Trail

Antiques, Art, Beaches, Sunsets

sunny 27 °C

We awoke early in our little piece of paradise eager to explore.


We spent the day exploring the surrounding communities and backtracking a bit to spend more time in the area we covered the day before. We had been in a bit of a hurry to make it to the campground before dark, so now was the time to fully explore.

We made our way back towards Ingonish and stopped at yard sales, antique shops, art galleries, and anything else that caught our eye.


We also stopped at a little roadside stand to pick up wood for our campfire.


There were plenty of beautiful pull-offs like Green Cove.


Nathan has an obsession with playing on rocks on the ocean, so we had to stop.


Less than 10 minutes away from our campsite is Cabot Landing, the place where Cabot first landed in his search for Asia.


It was a beautiful beach and an interesting place to sit and contemplate colonialism.


We also made the journey out to Meat Cove following a steep and winding gravel covered hill to a small community with more amazing views.


Oddly, we were reminded of Venezuela and Ecuador.

Finally, we explored our own little community.


...and even found some pirates!


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent on the cliffside overlooking the ocean.


We talked, watched the sunset and the boats, and kept a look out for whales. We thought we saw many, but it's so hard to tell.


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