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Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Nathan's first time in Saskatchewan

sunny 24 °C

Growing up in Vermilion, AB I often visited Saskatchewan, and Lloydminster in particular. Many nights after school were spent driving to Lloyd, just because it wasn't Vermilion. I also spent many summers visiting (in my opinion, the nicer parts of) Saskatchewan. We went to Prince Albert National Park and Waskesiu. I also have family in Pierceland.

Nathan, on the other hand, had never been to Saskatchewan. Weird, I know, when you live only 2 hours away your whole life! We joked about him moving to Nova Scotia this fall (he is going to grad school at Dalhousie) and how that was weird without having been to Saskatchewan. So, this May long weekend, while we were at my family's cabin at Laurier Lake, we took a quick trip to Lloydminster.


We drove across the border to show Nathan the lovely red (orange?) pilars.


Mostly, we spent the entire time explaining how nice the rest of the province is. Ha. Lloyd hadn't changed a bit since I was there in high school, except for massive amounts more of big box stores in ugly parking lots. The rest of the city seemed unchanged and neglected.

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Habesha Cuisine

Ethiopian Food on Alberta Avenue in Edmonton

all seasons in one day 24 °C

For my friend Sharlene's (early) birthday, we decided to take her out to a restaurant on Alberta Avenue. Nathan and I just moved to the area and are so excited to explore all the amazing restaurants!

Sharlene was interested in African food, and there are plenty of options close by. We chose Habesha Cuisine which is just a quick 5 minute walk from our house.

The restaurant was relatively busy and the smell of hookah filled the air. The atmosphere was awesome and the service was really good and personable.


We ordered a combination plate with various meat options.


The food was AMAZING! A lot better than one of the other Ethiopian restaurants in Edmonton that we had tried.


We ended the evening back at our house, sitting on the deck and enjoying the sunshine (and a few rain drops!).


I gave Sharlene a Kinder Surprise as a birthday gift... Funny because we always used to get them when we were kids. She ended up with this odd little green animal. haha.


Thanks for a fun evening Shar (And for all these pictures!!)! Have a great birthday, and lots of fun this next year!

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Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton

Plant Pyramids

sunny 23 °C

Today we took Nathan's mom out for a late Mother's Day/early birthday present to the Muttart Conservatory. Oddly enough, I had never been before! But, had always enjoyed how the pyramids add to the cityscape of Edmonton.


The Muttart is housed in giant glass pyramids.


Each pyramid is a different climate zone - Temperate, arid, and tropical - with one pyramid that has a theme that changes regularly.





Tropical - with Nathan and his mom.


Theme - Celtic Floral Fantasy


Each of the pyramids was beautiful! We took a really great tour that explained "odd couples" - plants, animals, insects, etc that use each other, either for good or for bad. The guide was really knowledgable and answered all our questions. Some of the information was a great review while other information was brand new!

We also enjoyed lunch at Culina Muttart. The food was delicious comfort food made with local ingredients... some even grown in the Muttart!

After this visit, we will definitely be sure to check out the Muttart more regularly. With the everchanging tours and theme pyramid, it makes for a great excuse to come back!

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Marine Drive in Nova Scotia

Sheet Harbour, NS

all seasons in one day 2 °C

We were super excited to find a campground relatively close to Halifax (only 1.5 hours) that was open. Well, we arrived on opening day. It was funny because we were driving through this little town (called Sheet Harbour) and a vehicle was suddenly following us. When we got to the campground, the driver got out and introduced himself as the campground host. He told us that he sits in his house and watches for people coming that might go to the campground. So funny and cute!

The view towards the town from the campground:


Camped right beside the river.


The town was founded in the 1700s because the area is where 2 major rivers meet the ocean. This allowed goods (lumber) to be transported down the rivers really easily. I am a big nerd so I always read any historical information provided... haha.


The weather was really bad for our last day. It was raining (like most days...) BUT it was also REALLY cold. We tried to make the most of it, by going for a drive. We saw some beautiful scenery that begged to be photographed, but there are almost no pull offs in Nova Scotia and it's really dangerous to stop on narrow, curving roads.


We spent the rest of the time watching election coverage on CBC in our van. Since the polls close first in the maritimes we watched from the very start... however, we soon got very frustrated both with the results and the fact that we wanted to see what happened with the Edmonton-Strathcona riding back home. The coverage was obviously focused on the maritimes and then later on central Canada (sigh...).

The election was sort of a weird way to end the trip, although Nathan was excited that his potential new home was mostly "orange" ;).

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Ferry from PEI

Wood Islands, PEI to Pictou, Nova Scotia

overcast 15 °C

Today, we boarded the ferry to go from PEI to Nova Scotia. Even though I have taken a million ferries, to go visit my family on Vancouver Island, I was still really excited to boat across to NS.

I like the reuse of tires and how the industrial attempts to blend into the environment in this picture:

There was some pretty scenery on the way out of PEI... kind of like the rest of PEI.



Although it wasn't that stormy, I was feeling really sea sick on the way over. The hockey team of screaming bratty children aboard (and their equally annoying fathers), didn't really add to the experience either.


Soon enough, we were back in Nova Scotia! Nathan commented on how it felt like coming home.

We drove all the way across the skinny little province to our campsite, but we stopped along the way in Stellarton. We were just passing through Stellarton when we saw the best fish and chips place ever! (judged solely by it's outwards appearance).


It turned out to be so amazing! I had seafood chowder and a piece of haddock. Nathan tried the seafood platter with haddock, clam strips, shrimp, and scallops.


Hilarious... since he hates seafood. Mostly he ate the fish and we sampled the rest then saved the rest for leftovers. He admitted that since it was all deep fried, it wasn't bad. It made for a good snack and end to the day later in the campground!

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