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Walking around Halifax

So many walks, so little time.

semi-overcast 14 °C

I have been LOVING working (telecommuting?) in Halifax. I have been walking at least 8 kms a day, practicing yoga, easily drinking as much water as I'm supposed to, my neck and shoulders aren't killing me, AND I've been more productive! I've been working whenever Nathan is working on homework or at school, which is a lot. I've already put in more hours than I normally would have at home. I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere in the stack of to dos.

It's also been nice to walk around the city and explore.

The other day I found a giant hole in the bottom of my boot. I had noticed my feet were wet, but I thought it was just because it was quite rainy here the one day. But no, each show has a giant hole. So, one of my excursions was to find boots. I hit up this GREAT little thrift store called Crimson & Clover which has been really popular in the Halifax social media world (Yes, I'm a big nerd and have a social media life in Halifax too).


The location was really close to Nathan's school and in a CUTE little house. It gave the store a really nice vibe. They had lots of really nice clothes and accessories galore, but no boots I was interested in. I told Nathan to go back if he ever needs a nice dress shirt though.

I also walked to the "North side" to check out Frenchy's. This place is famous in Atlantic Canada. I read somewhere that people do bus tours just to visit all the locations (which sounds awesome). This particular location is known for it's abundance of boots. Well, I have never seen more boots in my life! They had them stuffed everywhere. It was a bit overwhelming, and after much searching, we didn't find anything that would work for an Edmonton winter (I don't think a boot counts if it has a high heel...).

So, I am still wearing boots with holes in them. My dad tells me this is a family tradition and I should just put plastic bags in them.

I also went to Sobey's to gather items to make Nathan some breakfast cookies. On the way back I walked through my favourite part of Halifax (because of the cool vibe and cute houses).


Just after I took that picture, I got stopped by some people. The guy told me his life story, showed me a giant scar on his stomach, and then asked for money. This very situation happened to me in Edmonton when I first moved there so I decided it's how I get initiated into cities. Ha.

In another of my many walks, I also spotted these Alberta's signs.


Apparently Roots and Travel Alberta have a marketing campaign? It looks really cool.

I've also visited a couple coffee shops, walked along the ocean, and wandered in the downtown. Tonight I'm headed to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic for a free talk about the Canadian stories of the Hello Sailor! exhibit. Since I loved the exhibit last time I was in Halifax, I think it will be great!

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Sunny Sunday

Halifax, NS

sunny 15 °C

After a very late evening on Saturday, we stayed in bed most of the morning. Just before lunch we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was sunny and warm and the leaves were beautiful! (This was made even better by the fact that Edmonton got it's first snowfall!)


We stopped at Uncommon Grounds for a coffee. I have to say... it was DELICIOUS coffee. The store was also really cool with lots of concrete, glass, and modern furniture.


Then we walked to the southern tip of Halifax, Point Pleasant park. We again ventured by the estates.

The houses are just massive.


Yup. That's a castle.


This house had the most amazing tree in front.



The park was packed with people but still peaceful.



We sat and watched the waves, seagulls, and sailboats.


After that, we headed home, stopping to take in the sights. This little scene caught our eye from across the street. The railway tracks, beautiful trees, and cool homes. You can't see it in these pictures because the camera was really not working, but the railway had a foggy mist over top of it.



After we got home, Nathan had lots of homework to do so he worked on school and I got a head start on my work for the week. I'm feeling very productive with this change of scenery, which is great!

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Normal days in Hali

Halifax, Nova Scotia

sunny 10 °C

I arrived in Halifax first thing in the morning yesterday. We took the shuttle from the airport and got dropped off right at Nathan's place since there was no one else on board. This was really nice since it was a wind and raining warning. As the rain blew sideways and everything that wasn't tied down blew across the street, we ran into his apartment. Nathan, after being here for 2 months, seemed unphased.

We spent most of the morning sleeping. Then we hung out, talked, watched movies, and Nate made me a delicious supper. We had lemon and dill salmon that was the best I've ever had.

Once the weather cleared up a bit, we took a long walk.


Nathan showed me all the giant estates in the south of Halifax. I had never seen such huge houses up close. There is nothing even remotely as fancy as that in Edmonton.

Then we walked by where the Occupy Nova Scotia protesters had been, but the park was cleared out. It was a bit creepy seeing all the police surveillance around the park.

This morning we went for lunch at the Wooden Monkey. I had the most amazing salad.


Then we walked down to the habour and over to the farmer's market. The weather was beautiful and sunny.


After the market, we headed to Sobey's to pick up some groceries and wine. On thew way home we made a stop at Just Us! for coffee.


We are currently roasting a chicken for supper. Tonight we are headed out with some of the other grad students for a pub night. Fun!

It feels so great to be back with Nathan and just doing normal, every day things.

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September in Edmonton

sunny 26 °C

Today was the perfect Edmonton day! It was beautiful and sunny without a cloud in the sky. It started out somewhat cool - very fall. By the afternoon it was nice and hot. Perfect!

I ran errands all day with my brother but decided to do it all on foot. I took the train and met him downtown. We walked to Churchill Square.


Then we decided to check out the downtown farmer's market and I got a bunch of cabbage to make sauerkraut. I also showed my brother the Alley of Light.


Next we headed to Chinatown to have some amazing pho.


My favourite restaurant in Chinatown is Pagolac.




Then we headed back through Little Italy.


We stopped in at Zocalo. They had tons of beautiful plant pots on sale for amazing prices plus a tempting cappucino bar. There is a little outside part and a beautiful interior part to the store.


Little Italy has a large park that we wandered through.


And lots of murals.


We were almost back to my neighborhood, but we stopped to take a picture of the cute little cafe on the corner of the boundary to Alberta Avenue.


My neighbourhood also has tons of murals.


And houses with very eccentric people.


This is my favourite library branch because it's within walking distance and it has tons of character.


I showed my brother the beautiful residential neighborhoods that are south of where we live.


We stopped by the Carrot, a grassroots community arts coffeehouse run by volunteers.


We walked by the community centre and I stopped to take a picture of the sports themed instalations. This was the gimmick to revitalize the area many years ago.


Next stop was the Avenue Theatre.


And we stopped to take a picture of one of the many decorated utility boxes. This one is one of my favourites though.


Finally, before we turned into the residential area of my block we stopped at the Handy Bakery (which has the BEST custard tarts).


It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city!

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Devonian Gardens

Outside of Edmonton, AB

sunny 16 °C

My friend and I made a trip out to the Devonian Gardens. It was my first trip out there, even though it's so close to the city.

The Devonian Gardens is a 190 acre botanical garden run by the University of Alberta, just outside the city limits.


We wandered around the beautiful gardens starting in the Japanese gardens.


The gardens were very well manicured and pristine.


There are also some green houses including the butterfly house...


an arid climate...


and a temperate...


It kind of reminded me of the Muttart.

There are many trails and we did get a little lost. However, there were beautiful things to see everywhere so it didn't really matter. The only disappointing thing is that I thought it would be a very zen garden experience, however, with the nearby highway being so busy, it was noisier than my place in the city.

They were also doing some trials with heritage gardening. They were growing many plants that were brought over to Alberta in the 1800s. I knew almost all of the plants and had grown about half of them myself! I hope in the future more people appreciate the heritage plants and continue to grow them.


The Devonian Gardens have tons of programming and exciting events including Luminaria, a candle light evening in the Japanese garden. I will definitely be back to check that out! It will be amazing to check in the garden in all the different seasons.

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